Thursday, August 25, 2011

We are GLOWING with excitement!!!!

It is that time of year again!!!!

has officially begun and we are just so excited
we are glowing a 

I mean, seriously, we get the WORST colors EVER!!!  There was last year where we were florescent yellow (with hunter green and black - ew!), before blogging we were peach with navy blue - sounds ok, but looked HORRIBLE!, and it just continues.  However, the girls are great and Cathy and I are the "lucky" ones who get to coach them.  The AYSO was obviously desperate because I have never coached (or played) soccer a day in my life!!!  We have had fun though and that is what counts.  That and how cute do these girls look here is this picture waiting for their second - yes, I said SECOND - game of the day!!!!

Let's Go, Firecrackers!!!

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