Thursday, August 25, 2011

L2L Kick-off

We had our church's big L2L kick-off the other night.  Everyone dressed in their football gear and the line-ups were called out telling us who was going to lead us to victory!!!!  We tailgated with some great food and fellowship as we signed up for the different events we were going to participate in this upcoming year!  I did not get many pictures but here are a few of the wonderful night we had!

crowd waiting as our "team" was called out during the starting line-up!

Mrs. Debbie cheered for everyone holding her "John 3:16" sign!
This was the best part of the night!

Even though we root for different teams during college football season, in life we are on the same team!!!  I love Arika even though I DON'T love that jersey she has on!!!

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