Friday, May 2, 2008

A Day at "Chicken"saw

Carter loves to go to "Chicken"saw and esp. loves the slides.
Learning to go down the pole with Mrs. Joyce's help.
Going solo
The whole class
Mrs. Joyce and Carter

Tradition holds and even the weather could not stop us today - we went to Chickasaw State Park with Mrs. Joyce's Nursery School this morning. Each year on the last day of school parents, kids, college students and teachers head to Chickasaw for a morning of food, fun and findings. This year was no different - except for it being the last. We all thought the weather would stop us, but Mrs. Joyce kept telling us she has a personal connection with the Lord and had already talked to Him!! The kids enjoyed being together, playing on the different playgrounds, crossing the lake and finding treasures like a mother goose and her 7 goslings and a toad. After treking around all morning, we gathered for lunch and awards. What a wonderful way to end a year and an era.

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