Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mrs. Kim's Special Centers

Mrs. Kim loves Snoopy. For us to work on our sequencing skills, we took Charlie Brown comics and put them in order.
Mrs. Kim loves Disney and everything about it. We played Disney games to review letters, their sounds and words that start with those letters as we enjoyed Disney characters.
Mrs. Kim is a huge Braves fan so we played baseball games to review rhyming words and number words.

Mrs. Kim loves Sonic. We practiced our short vowel words by placing french fries with words in the right french fry holder (each was labeled short a, e, i, o and u). We also separated and counted money by placing different coins in the right large Sonic cup. We took 5 cups - 1 for pennies, 1 for nickels, 1 for dimes, 1 for quarters and 1 for all the money.
We made a book entitled Mrs. Kim is . . . . Each child made a page telling what Mrs. Kim is to them. They wrote the sentence and drew a picture.
We had special snacks of Mrs. Kim's snacks - Golden Flake potato chips and Coke.Mrs. Kim loves Alabama football. We made a class quilt with Alabama fabric and each child's handprint and signature.
Then they played a football game reviewing sight words and simple words they had learned.


Carmen said...

I can see that you are still extremely creative in the classroom. Do you ever miss teaching? You should market some of your ideas! I sure miss teaching with you. I thought of you awhile back because I had a chicken salad sandwich from Angels. Of course, Angels is no longer open but the owner's son is in my 8th grade English class, so she treated me the other day!

Sandy Thompson said...

It looks like everyone enjoyed the centers. You did a great job!!

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