Friday, May 23, 2008

Snapshots from Tuesday Game #2

These next two pictures are out of order because I cannot remember how to work this thing!! Anyways, this picture is of Matt Diaz and Gregor Blanco warming up after the 2 hour rain delay. A bunch of kids (Carter included) were yelling at them - cheering them on. Matt Diaz turned around to them and . . . . . threw Carter a ball (which I caught - again!!)!! He was just walking on air!!!

Laura Beth's sign for Tuesday night's game. It did not last though!!
Carter's sign for Tuesday night's game. The signs did not make it to until the game because a MAJOR rain storm came and destroyed the signs. For 2 hours we kept ourselves busy while we wondered if they would play tonight.
Carter kept himself occupied by playing his own baseball game in one of the corners of the stadium.
This could be my favorite picture from the trip. After it stopped raining, our seats for Tuesday night allowed Carter and I to go right down on the field. He loved being so close to so many of his favorites.

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Melissa Lester said...

Sounds like you were MVP catching a ball for Carter at the game. Way to go!

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