Friday, May 9, 2008

A Night at the Gover's

I can't believe I did not blog this last week, but remembering what that week was like, I can! Last Thursday night we joined Phi Kappa Alpha at Don and Linda Sue Gover's house for Grill and Chill with Chi Beta Chi (another club on campus). Phi Kappa has been going to the Gover's every Thursday at 4:00 for almost 8 years. It started with the club going to see the Gover's son, Brandon. Mrs. Gover laughs and says that Brandon told her that if she made sweet tea and cookies they would come back - and they have. Even after Brandon passed on into Heaven, every Thursday, the kids go see the Govers and are served sweet tea and cookies. On special occasions, Phi Kappa will grill out or get BBQ for supper and will eat out there. This is what we did last Thursday night to celebrate the end of the year. Here are just a few pictures that captured the evening - according to my children. They love going out to the Govers and they adore the "Kappa Kids." Needless to say, they enjoyed their time immensely.
Playing tag with Tyler. Tyler is asking them if they would tag him when he got down out of the tree. Carter replied immediatly, "Yes!!"
Laura Beth loves and will miss senior Chris Foshee but his sister Carissa will be here in the fall!!
This year Laura Beth has formed a bond with Eric Russell. I don't know who adores who more!!
A family picture - thanks, Ashley!
Our true sides!!
The kids with Ashley Blocker and Tyler Hughes - 2 more favorites of theirs.

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