Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gran and the Scientist of the Day

Today Laura Beth was the Scientist of the Day in her Kindergarten class. Being the mother who waited until her junior and senior year to take any sciences in college, I asked Gran if she would like to do this with Laura Beth. Of course, Gran (being the biology college teacher) jumped at that chance!!! The experiment they chose to do was "Dancing Raisins." How to do it you might ask? Well, here you go . . . .
Mix 1/3 c. water and 1 t. baking soda together for solution A.
Pour this into a clear plastic cup.
Add 1/8 c. of vinegar (Solution B) to solution A.
Immediately place 3-4 raisins (small ones work the best) into the solution.
After a few minutes you will see the raisins begin to dance around the solution.

The kids loved being scientists and using their sense of sight to see what would happen. Laura Beth and Gran demonstrated the experiment and then each table got to do their own. Thanks, Gran, for sharing your love of science!!

I have also seen this used in Bible class while teaching about the resurrection of Jesus - "We serve a 'raisin' Savior!"

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Sandy Thompson said...

What a cute idea for bible class.

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