Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday in the Big Apple

We had been very blessed with wonderful weather when we were in New York. The weather in Henderson was actually worse as far as cold and wet than we were having in New York. However, the weather caught up with us on Saturday. We hit Fifth Ave. Saturday morning with rain, snow, wind and typical New York weather.
FAO Schwartz doormen with me and Dixie
I don't have a lot of pictures from Fifth Ave. We ventured into Berdorf Goodman, Tiffany's, Disney Store and American Girl. We had a good time. After lunch, we met up with Brian Brewer - a real New Yorker now. Brian was great friends with my brother Chuck when they were at FHU. Brian spent a lot of time at our house and around our table. It was so good to see him again and it was great to have someone who knew where they were going to take us around! Our first stop - ROCKEFELLER PLAZA!
My wonderful traveling buddies with THE tree!
I miss this guy so much! Thanks, Brian, for
all your help!

Up to this point we had taken every form of transportation in New York (minus the limo) except the subway. So, Brian helped us navigate that to top off our New York experience!
The girls at the Spring St. station!

Mandy left us to meet up with some of her friends. Brian kept showing us around with a stop at Charmin's gift to New York City - a clean public restroom! Words cannot describe this experience! It was amazing! The people here cheer for you after you go to the bathroom and clean it after every use! It was amazing!
Warming myself by the toilet paper
fire place while Brian and Dixie
"enjoy the go!"

Brian and Dixie waiting in line to enjoy the go!

How did you enjoy your go?
We went up one floor to help power the ball for New Year's Eve. We got on the big bikes and gave what energy we had left to power the ball!
We gave them so much energy!
and then documented it with this amazing pic!
We ended our last night of the trip with cheesecake at Maxie's in Times Square. Brian was amazing and we got to see so much we would have missed if it had not been for him! We all awoke Sunday morning realizing that we had lived like 19 year olds and none of us were even close to that any more. However, what memories we have and what a time we had! We will never forget our Christmas in New York!

So where should we go next?


Jon and Jenn said...

where should you go next? How about China? I know a great tour guide!

Arika said...

I LOVED all your posts! And I LOVED re-living the trip through them. :) Hmmmmm...where to go next? Never too early to start planning. ;)

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