Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday in the Big Apple

Our day Thursday started bright and early - we were packed and ready to go at 6:15 that morning. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare! Arika was a bit nervous - esp. when she saw a pilot that looked to be about 12 years old!!! We laughed and told her this was going to be his first solo flight!
My traveling buddies Dixie, Arika and I eagerly waiting to board the plane in Nashville!
Once we got to New York, we were such the "city girls" and took hailed a taxi cab to our hotel in the city. We all decided that taxi cab drivers do not take the lines on the road as rules but just mearly suggestions.
Dixie and I ready for the taxi ride into town.

We got to the hotel with no problems at all. Our home away from home for the next few days was the Millenium Broadway hotel. Once we got to the hotel, we had to go through 3 sets of keys in order to get into the room! Who knew? Once we got into the room, we were so excited to see Times Square right out our window! What a sight! We all learned that the lights of Times Square do go out between 2-3 and come back on between 4-5 in the morning. We got settled and were ready to eat because we hadn't all day. We ound a great little pizza place called Pax in Times Square and enjoyed our pizza so much!
Eating my own supreme pizza!
Airka and Dixie loving their pizza!

Many finally joined our party and we took off on the town again. We enjoyed a Holiday Lights bus tour of the city! Everything was lit up and oh so pretty!
Mandy and Arika on the bus enjoying the holiday lights.
Dixie and I loving our view.
After the tour we enjoyed time in Times Square. We found the "money shot!" and took multiple pictures of us with the view!
My buddies and I in Times Square
We called it a night about 12:30 or so because we had a BIG day planned for Friday!

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