Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning: Santa Sighting

Damon and I have said we would love to spend Christmas morning at our house for as long as we can. This year was special being the first year in the new house. My parents, siblings and Papa Whittle came over first thing in the morning to see the kids get their Santa presents. A great time was had by us all!
Laura Beth spies her stash of gifts!
Carter begins to dig into his

Papa Whittle gets a kick out of Carter's left handed glove
and the fact Carter is teaching himself to throw left handed!
After Santa, we all got cleaned up and headed over to my parents' for the rest of Christmas morning and Christmas brunch!

1 comment:

Weeksie50 said...

aw how sweet.. I love that they thanked Santa for their gifts..
Just stopping see if you still blog.. a lot of my list has stopped.. I am not as faithful as I once was but I miss it..

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