Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time - Welch Style

We loved spending time with Damon's family this past weekend. We had a great day Sunday after Damon drove all night long after work. We worshipped with Dustin's (Damon's brother) congregation, ate a great Christmas lunch and then opened presents! The kids were so excited and got some great surprises!
Laura Beth was all smiles when she opened Samantha, a RETIRED American Girl.
She had told me she would like to have her but knew she couldn't get her because she was
Carter is defiling our house even more with Yankee apparel.
Thanks for this, Mama C and Papa John!
It was a hit!
Johnathan playing Hot and Cold with Uncle Damon.
This was hysterical! Words do not even begin to describe these two playing this game.
What was Damon trying to find?
a Lowe's gift card!
After having our Christmas, we helped spread Christmas cheer by going caroling with Dustin's congregation. The kids were so excited about this. Carter declared, "I have never done this before!" They were so good to the older people we met and announced that we needed to do this next year in Henderson. We will work on that, kids!

Singing Jingle Bells for the assisted living home

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Cory, Laura Beth and Harrison Lamb said...

I have the Samantha doll from when I was little and hope that I have a little girl someday to share it with. Hope that you all have a great Christmas!

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