Saturday, December 19, 2009

"TODAY" in the Big Apple

Friday began bright and early - it was going to begin even earlier but our alarm clocks were set on central, not eastern, time. We did wake up and made it to Studio One by 6:20 for the taping of the Today Show and not only did we make it - we got good spots!
Arika, Me and Dixie at the Today's Show at 6:20 - with a balming 47 degrees! It was colder in Henderson this day!
We loved being there and seeing everyone! We got to touch Al and Matt and met Meredith and Natalie. Everyone was so nice. We could not get over it!
Us with Meredith - she loved our voices!

Dixie, Arika, Natalie and Me -
she is just a beautiful in person as she is on tv!

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