Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easter Lunch and Hunt

The thing I love best about Easter is lunch and the big egg hunt afterwards. This picutre is why we come home after Lads to Leaders on Saturday . . . . .

Charlie, Matt, Hunter, Carter, Phillip, Melissa, Tyler, Laura Beth, Riley, Alex and Ashley

Half of these kids in the picture live at least 8 hours away from home and because of Makin' Music and baseball they were unable to go home. They all stayed for lunch and then a few stayed for the hunt. Makin' Music retreat had worn the rest of them out!!!! The baseball boys stayed for the hunt and hunt we did!

No, Matt and Charlie are not grilling - they are looking for eggs (and NOT staying with their partner!)

Hunter and Carter count their eggs.

Charlie, Laura Beth and Seevers count their eggs.

We had 2 hunts and 2 ties - what are the odds!

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