Monday, May 31, 2010

The Last FHU Game

I took the kids to Union University on a school night for a double-header baseball game. I know - Crazy! However, there are just times you have to bite the bullet and do things so you won't regret later. This is one of those times. I am not ready to say good-bye to these seniors. They really have become part of our family and I am not ready to let them go. These will be the last games we will get to see them play and I will be there. It has not hit Carter that he will not see these guys play again, but that is probably for the best.
Carter stayed like this for a good part of the first game watching
Charlie pitch.
He watches every move they make. Even though Charlie is not a senior,
he is from Florida, so the chances of seeing him this summer are slim to none!
Carter, Nicole and Jake take in the game
Dean, Laura Beth and Lane take a break between games.
They really work up a sweat!
I love this picture of Hunter, Carter and Bush talking things over between games.
They are always so good to take time with him.

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