Monday, May 31, 2010

Victorian Tea Party

Well, despite rain, wind, flood, hail, tornadoes and other weather elements, the annual FHU Associates' tea party did go on as planned. Because of lack of power, we were a little late for the party but enjoyed ourselves anyway. For the first time in 8 years, the tea party could not be held in the historic Hardeman House. Therefore, everything was moved across the street to the Henderson church of Christ commons area. It was still lovely. We were blessed to have Laura Beth's friend, Madlyn, with us as well as my mother. We were also privileged to dine on some of the best food with Melissa and Lilly Allen and Mrs. Ann Tucker.
The girls loved the lumps of sugar for the tea. Madlyn tried the Jasmine tea.
She told a reluctant Laura Beth that she needed to try it next year.

Our family for the day - Me, Mom, Madlyn, and Laura Beth
Laura Beth always looks forward to the many activities of the tea party just as much as the food. This year did not disappoint! We enjoyed learning how to candlewick along with some of the other things you see in these next pictures. I am linking you to my friend Kristen's blog. Kristen was one of the coordinators of the tea party and has recipes, photos (including one of us learning to candlewick) and more.
The girls in the dress-up area.

Madlyn and Laura Beth with their
Butterfly wands

Special thanks to Melissa for the pictures. I got to the tea party and was snapping pictures left and right until I realized I had left my memory card in the card reader at home! Melissa was great letting me use her camera every now and then! What a wonderful friend!
Can't wait till next year! Won't you join us?

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