Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Review: Within My Heart

I have been doing everything possible for this book and waiting patiently (or not so at times) for this book to come in the mail.  I was so thrilled to find out I could review the book thus getting it for FREE!!!! That made it all even better.  So, when the big manilla envelope arrived in the mail last week or so, I could not wait to get my hands on it!

Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander is the third book in the Timber Ridge Reflections series.  The first two books introduced us to a little town nestled in the Rocky Mountains.  We met and fell in love with some of townspeople of this little town, including the main characters of this book - Rand and Rachel.  Rachel is a widowed mother of 2 boys.  She is still struggling to move on with her life after her husband's unexpected death, to forgive a childhood friend who was with her husband when he died, to not hold prejudices towards the town doctor (in relation to her own father who was a doctor) and to keep the family ranch up and running the way her husband wanted.  There is no doubt she struggles with all four issues throughout the whole book as she has to deal with more loss in her life - people she cares about and the ranch.  Rand is the town doctor who also struggles with his own fears that stem back to the Civil War, with wanting to give the town of Timber Ridge the kind of medical care they deserve and with pursuing a deeper relationship with a woman who may be out of his reach.  Rand has to deal with keeping typhoid fever from tearing through the city, conducting a new surgical procedure in hopes of saving a patient and a friend, and trying to prove to the lady of his dreams he is what she needs in her life.

Both Rachel and Rand have to work through so many different elements in the book.  Just as it seems when everything is settled, another problem works it way to the surface and puts a boulder in their way.  However, through the Word of God and Godly people who guide them they learn to look to God - putting their faith in Him.  Because it is through Him, that all works out.  He will not leave them but bless them in life, death and life again. "Laying (their) heart's desires before the Lord while also surrendering (their) will to His.  Wanting what (they) want, yet wanting what He wants . . . . even more."

I highly recommend this book, along with the others in this series, to anyone.  Mrs. Alexander has a wonderful way with words as she encourages us to live our lives for Him.  Keep up with Mrs. Alexander daily through her blog - it is sure to inspire!

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