Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friends On and Off the Field

LB had an amazing soccer season this year!  I just enjoyed her season more than I have ever enjoyed watching her play.  There are many reasons which I will talk about later but, I believe, the friendships she had on her team helped make it the great season it was.  She was extremely blessed with 3 good friends and 1 best friend on her team.  It was so neat to see the friendships deepen and come into play on the field.  
 Madlyn, Rheanna and LB - 
good friends and teammates - 
along with Dixie -
the team's mascot!

 My rough and tough soccer player!

 These two crack everyone they are around up!
 Trying to be tough but NOT succeeding!!
No, they are not discussing the game.
They would be discussing how to spend the rest of the day
together, and they succeeded!!!

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