Monday, October 18, 2010

America's Favorite Past Time

Baseball . . . .
to many people it is different things.  
To some people it is just the joy of being outside enjoying
the spring sunshine . . . the summer heat . . . the autumn breezes.
 To some people it is reclaiming one's youth,
feeling as if you are 20 when you are close to 90.
 To some people it is the friendships that have been made
on and off the field.
 To some it is sitting in the dugout
thinking back to days gone by and 
the wonderful times that were had on the field.
To some it is sharing a favorite hobby with
a new generation.
Talking about the game and what makes the game
worth watching and playing.
To some it is and will always be
"America's Favorite Past Time."

Thank you, FHU Baseball, for hosting your Alumni for a wonderful day of friends, family and fun at the field.  You made these two "boys'" day a one we will all remember for years to come!

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