Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunch with the Girls!

My kids love having the college kids over for lunch.  It is always a difficult time when one group leaves and spaces are left around the table.  This year we have loved having Whitney and her friends come over for lunch on Sundays.  She joins her brother, Hunter, and crew around the table and we all have enjoyed getting to know a new set of family members.  This particular Sunday, Whitney and Cassie came for lunch.  Both girls are on FHU's soccer team, so a soccer game was played in the backyard after lunch.
LB and Cassie doing their victory celebration after scoring a goal.
Team Welch/Newby are back at it - just in a different form! Carter and Whitney won the game!
LB with new BFF Whitney (and this is saying A LOT because she is a man's girl!)
What a great day with some wonderful new friends
Typical Welch Family Picture

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