Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Memorial Day Weekend Tradition

It has just become a tradition. 
The kids expect it.  
I expect it.  
We all love it.
What is it?
Our first trip of the summer to Shiloh National Park.

It has become one of the kids' favorite places to go and each time we have gone, we see and learn something new.  This time Damon and Madlyn went with us - both of them are Shiloh rookies. I think they grew to love it as well.  Damon even brought a book home from work about Shiloh once we got back!

The monument for the Confederate soldiers who lost their lives here . . . 

Our fearless leaders . . . They were all about some trails on this trip.
Off we went to see where the surrender took place.

Wallace's Mortuary Monument

The kids at Duncan Field
The Shiloh church - the kids love coming here each time . . . 

We thought our fearless leaders were leading us on the trail to Fraley Field - where the battle began.
Needless to say after a 8 minute walk, our fearless leaders realized they had taken the wrong trail!

Carter with the Minnesota monument at the Hornets' Nest.
I had to take this picture because the first time we came here - almost two years ago, he saw this
monument and asked, "I did not know that the Twins (Minnesota's baseball team) fought
at Shiloh!"  

Carter and Cecily with our favorite monument - the Tennessee monument

The Bloody Pond - another favorite spot of the kids . . . 

LB's favorite spot - the National Cemetery.
We missed the flags this year because we had to go earlier in the week.

LB and Madlyn walking along the path looking for special graves.

We always have to go to certain spots.
We always have to see something new.
We always enjoy our time.
We always remember those who fought.
We always look forward to the next time we come.

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