Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rounding Up FIsh at the Rodeo

Fishing is in our blood now and the kids are taking advantage of EVERY opportunity to go fishing.  MSYC holds a fishing rodeo every year as a fundraiser for the camp and this year we just HAD to participate.  We were not able to be there the whole time for other things going on in the day, but we enjoyed the morning spent around the pond with family and friends and a few fish.

Carter did not have as easy of a time fishing this day and was getting MOST frustrated!

LB's one and only catch of the day!!
Way to go, LB!

Our spot for fishing with the Maples and Maxwells
Well, we did not win the biggest fish or the most fish.  Carter did come away with a new rod and reel and LB came away with the satisfaction that she caught more fish than Carter.  Plans are already under way for next year and the "perfect" fishing spot - away from all trees!!!!

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