Monday, May 28, 2012

One Proud Momma!

I am one blessed momma!  I was not able to go to Laura Beth's awards day at school because my third graders were having their big awards ceremony at the same time. However, Damon and Gran were able to go and kindly took the camera so I could "be there."  
I will be honest. I was VERY worried about LB going to the middle school this year.  Even with her having one of our good friends as her teacher, I was worried.  However, LB defied ALL odds this year.  She constantly amazed us with how hard she worked and her determination.  Even Gran (who was able to go to field day with LB because I had a field trip) said she amazed at the difference in LB.  Confidence just oozes from her like it NEVER has  . . . God is so good and He does answer prayers!
Enough rambling . . . Here's my baby girl!
Receiving one of 4 awards for her state examination scores!!!!!

Receiving her FIRST PLACE DISTRICT award for her 4H photograph.
She took a landscape picture of the National Cemetery at Memorial Day.  

Receiving some award - she looks thrilled, doesn't she?

What a good lookin' class!

Mrs. Holdren was a HUGE blessing this year - although
she has been LB's whole life!

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