Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movin' On Up to Third Grade

Carter had an AMAZING second grade year this year! We just could not have asked for a better year for him. His teacher, Mrs. Judy, was just fabulous!  His grandmother, Mrs. Stella, was precious as ever!  His classmates were precious!  I was thrilled to be two doors down from his classroom this year, so I could peek in at any time to check on him.  Plus, next year this is going to be MY room!!!  I was glad to be able to join Damon and Gran at his awards day in his class.

He won the Math Whiz and AR awards for the year.

Mrs. Stella has been his grandmother for the past two years.
What a blessing she has been!

Gran got to come!

Proud parents!!!!
 Carter had to have his picture taken with EVERY child in his class - that is until my camera battery died and I did not have my phone with me.  I will save you looking at each child in his class, but here are some of his best buddies!
Carter was THRILLED that Noah was in his class this year.
Oh, these two!

Jacob was a great friend this year! We are so blessed to have
many kids from church in his class.

And sweet Lawson . . . These two have pretty much been together their whole lives,
and well, this picture pretty much sums them up!
I can't believe Carter is going to be in third grade next year.  I have guaranteed him that he will NOT have me as his teacher, and he is somewhat ok with that.  He is just growing up entirely too fast!

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