Saturday, December 27, 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas: San Antonio

When we found out we were headed to Austin, I quickly checked to see how close we would be to my old stomping grounds, San Antonio.  Before moving to Henderson when I was 14 years old, I called myself a Texan - I was born in San Antonio and lived there for 6-7 years off and on. (Got to LOVE being an Air Force brat child)  So, you know I was THRILLED when I found out how close we would be!  I must say how even more special this trip was having Damon's brother's family - Dustin, Rebecca (yes, there are 2 Rebecca Welches), Johnathan and Addison - with us!

Our first stop - the Alamo!
Not necessarily what you would think or where you would think it would be, but I love this place!
There's something about it that gets to me.  Carter had read a few books about it before we went, so I enjoyed seeing it through his eyes.

Our second stop - The Riverwalk!!!
Oh the memories from this place!!  We strolled up and down for a little while and then took a river cruise which the kids (and adults) just LOVED!!   Then, we settled in for dinner at the oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk, and the one that holds the most memories for me - Casa Rio!

How they still had room to eat, I don't know, but ice cream for everyone!
And a couple of great pictures I am glad I have!

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