Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trick or Trunk Time

Trick or Trunk at church is always a night we enjoy. 
This year we thought we would be at a basketball game but the team we were suppose to play got scared and backed out!
We were pretty pumped we would get to come but had no costumes, so LB suggested we all dress like Alabama football players.  Damon could be Nick Saban!
When the almost 13 year old suggests we dress as a family - you dress as a family!

The annual picture with the Young family!

 Since the basketball game was cancelled, we invited Coach Murphy and Kim to bring Elam and Erby Anne.  The kids were thrilled that they came!

LB loves all the kids at church and they love her!

LB and Micah

The Welch kiddos with the Cross kiddos
Happy Halloween!!!!

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