Sunday, December 28, 2014

Walk 4 Water

We were so excited to be able to help raise money for a well to be dug in Haiti this year.
The average person in a third world country walks 4 miles each day to get clean water.
So we walked that walk for them today in order to bring a well closer to them.
Happy to say we raised enough money to build a well in Haiti so they can have clean water a lot closer.
This was a first for our congregation and we enjoyed being together as a family and with friends.
LB helped to paint faces of the kids that were there.

Addie declared she was going to stay with us during the walk and she did.
She walked/ran the whole 4 miles with LB (and I was close by).

These 3 ran almost the entire 4 miles = crazy!!!

Coop and I making the last turn of the 4 miles!
LB and Addie relaxing after such hard work!

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