Monday, December 29, 2014

Running for MSYC

The weekend of Homecoming at FHU brings one of our favorite 5Ks of the year - the MSYC 5k.
The kids love seeing their favorite people from one of their favorite places on earth.
They really enjoyed this year's 5k again.

It's amazing that 5-6 years ago, she would not even go NEAR Steven.
Now she begins the race on his shoulders!

Carter did a great job running this year. Although he didn't place (because he was in a major
age group with college kids), he ran a personal best!

They did not run the whole race like this!
LB did a great job, too, a personal best gave her second place in her age group.

LB loves Leanna!

Got to LOVE MSYC!!!!

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