Monday, December 29, 2014

Ornament Swap Numero Uno

I am blessed with some FABULOUS friend who are blessed with so many different talents.
One group of friends has gathered together in the recent years to have a cookie/ornament swap.
I was not able to attend this party this year because LB had a basketball game that was rescheduled for that night.
So, I sent my ornaments with my friend Sandy.

Here is my story behind my ornament:

I was cleaning out my craft room and realized I had entirely too many things in it!
So I decided I would not buy ONE thing for my ornaments.
Everything came from my craft room. I found cookie cutters (who has cookie cutters in their craft room?) that I think I had bought for our annual cookie swap.  I had plenty of scrapbook paper and even found silver embellishments to add to them.  I used E600 glue to attach the ornaments to the paper.  Once the paper and glue had dried, I carefully cut it out.  This was MUCH easier than cutting them out then attaching.  Using the same glue, I then attached the embellishment to the the cookie cutter.  Finally, I attached some craft twine to the back in order for my friends to hang them on their tree.

I was pretty please with how they turned out!

LB made this one for a school project.
 Here are the ones my oober talented friends made for me.

Made by Sasha Gott

Made by Kristen Hicks

Made by Lauren Beene White

Made by Sharon Kea

Made by Bonnie Hendrix

Made by Allison Cross
Made by Nocona Canady-Flatt

Made by Ashli Rogers

Made by Ashley Deffenbaugh

Made by Lynne Moore

Made by Keli Westmoreland

Made by Sandy Thompson

Made by Kimberly Gott

Made by Sarah Buckley
Don't I have such creative friends!!!
I am thinking I need a tree next year JUST for ornament swap ornaments!!

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Holly said...

Wow! I love them all! Yours are just too cute tho. Miss you. :(

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