Saturday, December 27, 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas: University of Texas

One of the things of Carter's and Damon's bucket list was to see parts of the University of Texas while we were there.  I was searching one day and found where we could take a tour of the stadium so that quickly became a MUST on the list.  It was WELL worth it I must say.
While we waited for our tour, Carter loved seeing the big posters of former UTexas stars.

On the tour, Carter kept his eyes open for anything and everything, but he especially LOVED seeing all the Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley things.  He told our tour guides (who were just college students) more than once how Colt got robbed for the Heisman!

LB kept saying ALL of this would be so much better if it was Alabama!!!
She cracks me up! 

The BEST time of all was when the tour led us through the tunnel and out onto the field.
Our sweet tour guide even played the Texas fight song so Carter could run out just like the big guys!!!  He thought he had arrived!!

He thought running out of the tunnel was great until he realized they had a REAL jersey AND helmet for him to wear!!!!

More Colt in the trophy room....
If the boy had been born 4 years later - he would have been Colt instead of Carter!

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