Saturday, September 27, 2008

BBQ Festival Weekend

Our small town in West TN is pretty calm except 3-4 weeks/weekends out of the year. One week is in February when FHU holds its annual Lecturships. Makin Music in April brings the crowds in as well. Homecoming at FHU in November even brings a crowd usually. However, the place is packed come the last weekend in September when the Chester County BBQ Festival comes to town. The courthouse square is covered (as seen in the picture) with booths of all kinds, music, food and games fo all ages.
You can begin to tell its BBQ Festival time on Thursday when men begin to smoke the hogs in a house like this. In Chester County, we make whole hog BBQ. It is wonderful and you can't find it anywhere else!! We have taken BBQ all over the country because you really can't get it like this anywhere else. While the hogs are being smoked, the grills are fired up for BBQ chicken and ribs that are simply amazing. I don't eat the ribs, but DH says they are to die for!!!!People line up for BBQ by the pound, sandwhiches, ribs and chickens. The past couple of years they have run out of BBQ by supper on Saturday night.Of course, there are other goodies besides the BBQ - deep fried oreos, deep fried twinkies, funnel cakes, fried pies of all kinds, corn dogs and other typical fair foods. Miss Priss tries a deep fried oreo but had to put it down - too hot!! She ate it later and loved it!!Of course, the fair holds many things for the kids to do. Miss Priss and Mr. Stuff loved going up and down the blow up slide. Miss Priss was so kind to this little girl who was scared to go up the big slide herself. Mr. Stuff was with me, but I could not get him to be still long enough to take pictures of him!! Miss Priss even saddled up for a pony ride - to which Mr. C did not want to go anywhere near them!!!
The petting area was also a favorite for the kids.
Thank goodness we don't have to wait for the BBQ festival to have BBQ. We have about 3 or 4 different places where we can enjoy Chester County BBQ any time of the year, so come on up sometime. We will treat you to a West TN treasure!!
Mom told me one of the BBQ places in town was featured in Southern Living as a great place to go for BBQ!!!! YAY, Chester County!


Laura said...

i was just thinking yesterday that some good ol' bar-b-que sure would be nice. Thanks for sharing your pics even though I haven't gotten to eat any yet.

Now, about those fried Oreos...never had those! What a "delicacy"?!!

Julie said...

looks like fun... I cannot even imagine fried oreos... wow.

Karen said...

I love BBQ. Not sure about those deep fried oreos though!!!!

Will look forward to receiving the parcel. This is quite exciting, isn't it !! :-)

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