Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Admit . . . ..

I am pretty OCD when it comes to being organized, but I don't do a good job at being organized.
I love the idea of sheets and sheets of organizing ones life.
I love printing off ideas to make my life easier.
I love having a big notebook full of my life laid out day by day of things to do.
I love making lists and crossing items off as I finish them.
I will even write down things that I have already done just so I can cross them out (sick, I know).
Maybe it is because it just makes me feel better, I don't know, but I love it!!! I love flylady and have actually done well with her things. I have adapted them to fit my lifestyle, but I have done it and it has made a difference. One of my friends posted a website called Organizing Christmas and I have fallen in love. I have always thought I had a hold on Christmas until last year my poor brother did not have a gift from my family under the tree. Oh, I had bought it, but then misplaced it. The sad thing is I did not even realize it until after he had already left!!!! I vowed that this year I would do better. I am making a lot of presents this year and decided I needed to get going and get a hold of things a little better. So, I spent last night printing (and drooling) and declaring,
I will do better this year.
I will have all my gifts I am making done by the week before Christmas.
I will not forget anyone's present.
I will enjoy the holidays.
I will make special Christmas candy.
I will survive!!!
So, next week, I am taking hold of my life and will begin to grab a hold of Christmas!!! However, if a good movie comes on, you will probably find me on the couch instead!!!


Melissa said...

You know how we keep saying that we are too much alike? You are describing me in this post...weird! I'm notorious for writing things down I've already done, just so I can check them off! I make lists just to clean the house! :)

Laura said...

Christmas? What's that?

I don't EVEN want to think about it yet!

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