Monday, September 1, 2008

What is in Your CD Player? . . . . As You Clean

A few years ago, after I had been hired for my first teaching job, a few of the new teachers were talking about the interview. Most of them had said that when they were interviewing, one of the men had asked them, "If you were stranded on a desert island, what CDs would you take?" This is more or less the question (It has been 9 years!!). Ever since then I have always thought about that. Does your music selection say something about you? I was not asked this question -thank goodness, because I do not know how I would have answered it. I LOVE music - all kinds - and could not have picked a select few. The other day I took a look at my CD player while I was cleaning the house. I did not think a thing about what was playing until the children said something about listening to THEIR music (personal CD players/boom boxes may be gifts in their future!!). This is my cleaning music, but does it say something about me? Moulin Rouge soundtrack- It is just cool sounding music and I like to sing a long.
David Barnes Chasing Mississippi - The college girls LOVE Mr. David and it has become a favorite. He is pretty calm but upbeat at times. Great for dusting or cleaning the windows!!
Wicked!!! - It is in there because I just can't get enough!
13 Going on 30 soundtrack - Music I grew up with and have wonderful memories from childhood (and adulthood). Nothing can get you going like the 1980's!
ABBA Gold - This one is crazy I know, but it is the only one the kids do not complain about. We all love ABBA! I grew up as a young child with it and now that Mamma Mia is out we all love it! This CD is more kid friendly than the Broadway soundtrack, so I listen to it.
Now depending on my mood or what I am doing the CD's change. I may post those moods later, but for now . . . What is in YOUR CD player as you clean?

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Melissa Lester said...

It's funny to read this today, as I have been trying to unpack, straighten and clean the house today so we will be fresh for getting back into our routines tomorrow. And I definitely needed some music to get me going and keep me on task. I usually listen to a contemporary Christian music station that comes through our cable, but today I felt like I needed pop music to keep me moving. I was hoping to catch some of my new favorites, like that Coldplay song that sounds so dramatic, but I didn't hear any favorites this afternoon. It's amazing how music can make tasks like cleaning, exercising or driving much more enjoyable!

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