Friday, September 12, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

As mentioned earlier, I have participated in a swap where you send 3 (or more) of your favorite things to someone else while someone is sending you their favorite things. At first, I had a hard time deciding what to send, but, once I figured one thing out, the rest fell into place. So here are a few - I had to do more than 3!!! - of my favorite things. Something FHU - it was where I went to college, where I met DH and where are working now.

A Wizard of Oz bookmart - my love for books, movies and WICKED!!!

A Sonic gift card - my treat for me either a Cookies 'N Cream blast of Very Strawberry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

A 30 day devotional book on Psalms and Proverbs - my love for God, His Word and 2 of my favorite books in the Bible

I also included a set of note cards (to see how to make this click here) - I like to make these

Burt's Bees chapstick - Oh My Goodness it is good stuff!!!

A CD full of my kids and my favorite songs for her to enjoy with her kids.

I hope my partner in Oklahoma enjoys these things as much as I do! I may have to host a swap like this myself, would anyone be interested?


Sandy said...

I know I'd love to be the one getting these great things. I bet she'll LOVE them!!!

Kori said...

Oh yeah I'm game.

I did Wendi's swap too. I am steadily working on my favorite things. I will be sure to blog about it when I'm finished.

I love Wicked too. just fyi.

Laura said...

I am so jealous! I wish I was your Oklahoma buddy! Great stuff!!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

See, I am just not that...creative? Is that what I'm not? Cuz I sure like your ideas! And they're faaaaaaarr better than sending off the kids.

And hello - what did you write to the ball players? I have a youngin' who would sure love to receive some cards --- and did you say something to them for them to include the verse, or was that just them? (I don't know these players, so maybe Carter chose them as faves for their Faith???)

Very cool. (ALL of your blog posts!)

Julie said...

I would be interested! I got mine in the mail and I wish I had yours instead... Hopefully the person I swaped with isn't reading this post... ha ha. Love your stuff.

I wanted to let you know "the click here" to see about your cards isn't linked... can you link it so I can see :) Thanks!

My Sweethearts said...

I might do a swap. That sounds like fun!

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