Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leader Awards

One of the things Lads to Leaders is known for is awarding those students who work hard during the year.  Laura Beth and Carter both worked so hard and earned many awards this weekend.
Carter and his Oral Bible Reading certificate.
He also got one for song leading and speech. 

LeighAnne and LB received excellent remarks for their Oral Bible Reading.

Carter, LB and Courtney received Platinum Good Samaritan Awards.

LB received second for her scrapbook.

3 of our precious K-2 participants - Carter, Trenton and Mary Grace

Carter and Trenton (as well as Cade) received Top Score for Bible Bowl.

Trenton, Ty, Josh, Carter and Cade for song leading
We are so proud of ALL of our kids and the hard work they have done all year! We are ready for next year!!!

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