Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Grade Awards Day

We celebrated Carter and his end of first grade yesterday in his classroom.  His teacher, Mrs. Rogers', gave out awards.  Carter earned the Reading Award for his ability to read and having the most AR points in the classroom.  He also earned the All A's Honor Roll award.  Carter has worked very hard this year and has learned MANY lessons - one being that he does not have to be perfect!!!!

After awards, the class put on two plays they had been working on for the parents - The Big Turnip and The Little Red Hen.  Carter was the storyteller for the The Little Red Hen play and did a great job!

One of the things we are MOST proud of for Carter is his love for all the kids in his classroom.  He has been very encouraging and friendly to all.  He wanted a picture with EACH child in his classroom.  I will save you all those and share this sweet one of him and his friend, Pearce.

Mrs. Rogers was a wonderful teacher to Carter this year. He was blessed with a teacher who loved, encouraged, pushed and inspired him - as well as she could talk baseball with him!!!!

Thanks for a great year!!!

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Ashley said...

Way to go Carter Beth!

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