Friday, May 20, 2011

It is NOW Official . . . .

for a daughter!!!!

It is killing me!!!  We took the kids yesterday to get their report cards and, for the last time, LB walked in as a student.  Of course, I had to get pictures of people who have helped her grow into the special person she is today!

LB, Mrs. Dee, and Madlyn
Can you feel the love between these 3?

Mrs. Norma was their computer teacher for 4 years!
She loves her kids!

Mrs. Spring goes to church with us and is our AMAZING vice-principal!

Special friends - Madlyn, John Nic and LB

Mrs. Kim was LB's Kindergarten and First Grade teacher.
When her kids went to First Grade, she became the principal.

Here they are again - on the first day of First Grade!!!!!
Thank you, East Chester, for being a wonderful school for LB. Thank you, teachers, for loving her and helping her grow!!!


Kimberly Washer said...

Oh I love that last picture!!!! She is sooooo cute and she has grown sooooo much. I know you are freaking out!!!

Arika said...

I was hoping that you'd do some photos contrasting how she looked as a Kindergartner compared to how she looks today. It's hard to see her grow up but you're so blessed that she's turning into such an amazing "big girl". You guys are doing SUCH a great job with those kiddos! We love you all!!

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