Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Tripping to Shiloh

When asked what the kids wanted to do to start their Memorial Day weekend, the answer was a giant, "SHILOH!!!"  The day was a bit cooler (in the 60's) for late May, but it was beautiful and we enjoyed our day so much.  We began the trip by going down to Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River where the boats would have docked to let the soldiers off to prepare for the battle.
The kids with the Tennessee River behind them.
This is where the soldiers would have docked off the boats to get ready for the battle.

Carter skipping (or throwing) rocks in the river.
From there we started the drive around the park.  We HAD to stop at the Tennessee Monument.  This is the kids' favorite monument and we have to stop EACH time we come.

Drawing the Tennessee Monument - their favorite monument at the park.

We have never stopped at the church so we decided to make a stop to see a replica of the church that gave the battle its name.  The kids thought it was great to see what it would have looked like "back then."  Carter even led Jesus Loves the Little Children for us!
On the steps of the Shiloh church - what the battle would have been named after.
 No trip to Shiloh is complete unless we stop and eat lunch at Rhea Springs.  The color weather kept us out of the water, but we still enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  The snake was not there this time and the water was A LOT higher than we had ever seen it!  The kids loved playing on the rocks and playing tag in the clearing.
Lunch at Rhea Springs - a must when we go to Shiloh.
Also the place of the to-be wedding in Love is a Battlefield.

The perfect area for a game of Tag.
 A new stop was Frailey's Field.  This is where the battle of Shiloh actually began.  It was interesting to see the area and the way the soldiers would have come.  We met a man whose great great uncle fought at Frailey's Field.  Another great lesson for all of us as we came to Shiloh to celebrate Memorial Day.
Frailey's Field - where the battle began.
Another favorite spot at Shiloh that we have to go to EACH time is the National Cemetery.   I especially love going on Memorial Day when each grave bears an American flag.

Overlooking the Tennessee River
We always enjoy our trips to Shiloh and what we learn each time we go!  

Thank you to all who fought for and served our country!!!

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The picture you have taken are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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