Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friends and Leaders

One of the best things I like about Lads to Leaders is seeing ALL the kids from church rally around each other - cheering each other on and supporting each other.  Friends of ALL ages come together for this weekend, and it is a wonderful sight to see.
Katie, Micah, LB and Candice

Kennedy, LeighAnne and LB

Our crew from Henderson

Katy, LB, Katie and LeighAnne

LB, Katie and Candice - these two girls were soo good to LB this weekend.

Ashley and Alex even came to support the kids!

LB got to be a great big friend to Mary Grace

Payton and LB go looking around the gardens

LB and RoRo at her speech

LB and Gran

Carter and Grandad

Carter got to be a great big friend to Zeke - they were so sweet together!

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