Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LaLaLaLa . . . LaLaLaLa . . .

Elmo's World!!!!

A friend asked me to create her grandson's second birthday party invitations and some of the party decorations.  The party theme . . . ELMO!!!!!  I used the Elmo's Party cricut cartridge and went to town! They were not the easiest things to make, but, I believe, they could be some of the cutest!!!

Wouldn't you like to receive this envelope in the mail or hand delivered?

front of the card

Sweet Elmo pops up to invite YOU to the party!!!

Cupcake pics featuring Elmo's smiling face

Trent is 2 today!!!
Happy Birthday, Trent! Hope your day is just as special as you! Thank you for letting me have a small part in it!

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