Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laura Beth at Lads to Leaders

Laura Beth moved up in her events with Lads to Leaders this year and add some new events as well.  She worked super hard all year long and we could not be prouder of her.  She participated in Scrapbook, Oral Bible Reading, Good Samaritan, Speech, Bible Bowl, and Songs of Praise.  She had the best attitude even though some of these things are not her strong points.  I know God has great things in store for her!!
 Reading John 15:5-13 for her Oral Bible Reading
 Giving her speech based on the book Guess How Much I Love You

In the book Guess How Much I Love You, a baby rabbit spends his time trying to show his mother how much he loves her.  He also tries to prove that his love is bigger than her love.  He tells her he loves her as high as he can hop, but the mother tells him, “I love you as high I can hop,” and proved that she could hop higher than he could.  This continues all the way through the book.  Finally, at the end, as the baby is getting ready for bed, he tells his mother that he loves her all the way to the moon.  As he drifts asleep, the mother whispers, “I love you up to the moon . . . and back.”

Through the whole story, the baby rabbit tried to out do his mother’s love for him, but it was not going to happen.  His mother loved him much more than he could ever prove her back.  Her love was always going to be greater than his. Our parents love us more than we will ever know or imagine.  We have an even bigger love in our lives because of God.  He is our heavenly Father, and his love for us is endless.  We cannot begin to imagine how much He loves us.

The baby rabbit loved his mother because she loved him first; just as our parents loved us first. They loved us before we knew what love was. It is the same way with God.  He loves us so much and has loved us even before we were thought of by our parents. We sing a song where we ask, “O, girls, do you love Jesus?” and we answer with “O, yes, we love Jesus.”  We end the verse by saying we love Jesus because He first loved me.  Just like that mother rabbit and our parents, God’s loved us first.  

The baby rabbit in the story knew that his mother would always be there for him – to look out for him, to protect him, to take care of his needs.  Our parents are there for us just like the baby rabbit’s mother was there for him.  They do the same thing – look out for us, protect us, take care of us.  More importantly, God is always there for us in this same way.  The book of Psalms is filled with proof that God looks out for us, protects us and takes care of us.

Even though the baby rabbit would never love his mother as much as she loved him, and even though he did not love her first; it did not stop this baby rabbit from loving his mother and trying to prove his love to her.  We will never love our parents as much as they love us, and we did not love them first.  However, we can always try to prove our love to them.  We will also never match God’s love and we certainly did not love Him first.  We can show Him how much we love Him each day.

One way you show God you love Him is by obeying Him.  When you love someone or something you obey them and the rules.  I like to play soccer.  The one way I have to play soccer since I love it is to follow the rules.  The coach tells me the rules and I obey the coach since she is trying to help me be the best soccer player I can be.  I love God and to show Him that I love Him is to obey Him.  God tells me what to do in His Word because He wants me to do be the best Christian I can be because He loves me.

We have to read God’s word every day because only then will we find out what God wants us to do.  We know that in John it says over and over that if we love him we will keep his word. Even our parents have to tell us to do more than once. I do not like putting up clothes.  Sometimes my clothes will sit in my laundry basket for days in my floor.

 Laura Beth and Cora get ready for Bible Bowl competition
Leading her song We Will Glorify the King of Kings

Laura Beth always amazes me of how strong she winds up being in the midst of something that she is not necessarily comfortable with.  I can't wait to see her grow in the Lord over the next few years!!

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