Sunday, June 24, 2012

. . . . And Then Some Fun During Week 3 . . . .

One of the things I don't like about LB going to MSYC is that I am not there to capture every moment on film.  I am sure she is glad of that and if that is the only reason I am not happy about her going to MSYC, I think we are good. However, some of the counselors are sooo good about snapping pictures throughout the week.  In no particular order . . . here are some shots of the week.

The 3 Amigos singing for a package

LB having to sing to Joel for her envelope . . . 

Tacky Day

Scott stole Brittany's camera and went on a photo shoot

LOVIN' time with friends!

Cabin 1!!!!!!

Steven making himself comfortable . . . 

Cabin 1 ready for church at FHU
She had a great week and made some wonderful memories as well as friends.  So glad she loves going to camp!

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