Saturday, June 16, 2012

. . . And Then Some - MSYC Week 1

We picked LB up from camp on Friday morning and what a week she had! I do believe she would live there if we let her!  However, I am glad about that.  There are worse places she could be.  She enjoyed hanging out for the week with Madlyn and new cousins Sofia and Rileigh (Madlyn's cousins who have adopted her into the family after she spent a week with them on the lake!).  She also met new friends like Rachel and kept contact with friends she has had for years.  Don't ya just LOVE camp!!!! I think the pictures speak for themselves . . . 

Cabin 3 Girls ready (or maybe not) to go home

Max, Sofia, Madlyn, LB, Rileigh, and Rachel ready for silly song sing-a-long

Camp tradition - singing A Common Love at the end 

Best part of camp - making new friends!

Madlyn and LB with Camp Counselor Ashley!

New buddy Rachel!

Still lovin' Miss Brittany!

LB's Big Sister, Macy - Madlyn's sister

Camp Tradition - Maples Cousins and Counselors

Ashley and LB

These two . . . No where else they'd rather be than

When this actually gets posted, LB will be getting ready to go back at camp for her second week of the summer.

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Ryan and Katie said...

That place was/is my favorite place on earth and I'm so glad it's still around for kids to enjoy! Thanks for sharing the pics it brought back fond camp memories for me!

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