Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Fans Around

LB and Carter are so blessed with wonderful people in their lives who support them in all they do.  We really are blessed beyond measure with the support our children are given by so many.  This season was like none other.  Fans came to so many games to cheer Carter on and off the field.

Carter and Jared have developed a wonderful friendship.
So thankful for great Christian BIG friends!

Not many people can say their 90 year old Great Grandfather comes to their games
as well as coaches him from the sidelines!

RoRo and Bub are two of his BIGGEST fans!

Carter and Dean supported each other so much this year!
It was so neat to see them cheer each other on!

Not many 8 year olds have WORLD WIDE fans!
Sora and Julie were so good to come to many of his games!

Of course, the college kids were amazing with their support of the boy!

I love these two boys together.
Carter and Noah have just become wonderful friends.
Carter had me dress to support BOTH teams the last night we played their team.
Thanks to EVERYONE who came and supported.
I was not as good with the camera this year as I have been . . . 
We appreciate you ALL!

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