Saturday, June 23, 2012

MSYC Junior Campers . . .

While LB was a MSYC as a full camper, Carter went as a junior camper this week.  He had a wonderful time.  He was blessed to be with some of his great friends and even a new great friend, Grady (Anniston's brother) until he got sick on Monday and had to miss the rest of the week.  He would come home telling me every detail about the day. He was worn out, but he loved it!

Carter, Cade, Tucker and Lawson

For 2 years now, Amy and KaKole have been his counselors.
He LOVES them!

Mark, Billy and Zeke were the boy counselors this year.

Magen counseled and was their Bible teacher.
She taught them about the Fruit of the Spirit.

Carter and Jackie - the other counselor
Carter got the award for Best Dive (which he does NOT get from his mama!) and he got Camper of the Week!!!! We are just so proud of him and love his little (or big) attitude that obviously came through this week at camp!

The question now is . . . .

"Will he spend the night next year at big camp?"

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