Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cousin Time is the Best Time

After we picked both kids up from camp on Friday, Dad, the kids and I took off to Auburn, AL, to see Richard, Amy, Walker and Lucy.  Amy is one of the ones in charge of their VBS and asked if we would come down to help with the kids, and we jumped on that!  It was a great week.  I loved seeing the cousins bond in ways they had not been able to up till this point.  It was just precious seeing Lucy's face light up at the sight of them and hearing Walker walk run around the house looking for "Lala Bef" and "Carter."

Lucy holding on tight to LB's hand as she was being fed.

Ride a little horsey!

I even got in on some bonding action.  Here I am with my sweet Lucy Katherine!

LOVE this one of the kids leaving Wal-Mart

Eating supper at VBS

Early morning Wiggle time!

Feeding the ducks!

Walker and Gandad

The boys feeding the crazy ducks!

Watching Clues Clues (Blue's Clues) after playing in the pool.

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be 

forever friends.

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