Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: Travelers Rest

Bethany House has recently sent me another book to read in exchange for writing a review on the book.  The book they sent was Travelers Rest by Ann Tatlock.  This book takes place in current every day North Carolina.  Jane Morrow is searching for so many things in her life.  Her finance, Sean, is currently in the Veterans Hospital in Asheville after being paralyzed while he was on duty serving our country.  Sean's faith has been instilled in him by his parents since his childhood. However, he believes it would have been better for everyone if he had just died on the battlefield. Jane is searching for faith and has to overcome so many obstacles from her childhood to get through this.  While she is visiting Sean daily in the hospital she meets some amazing people who impact her life in more ways than she will ever know.  Truman is a Korean veteran who is a retired doctor. He lives at the Veterans hospital and makes his rounds each day to see patients.  His meeting Jane helps her see Sean's obstacles in a different light and brings light to God and His love for all.  Truman has his own obstacles to overcome having grown up in the time of the Jim Crow laws.  All he really wants is to be forgiven.  Jon-Paul is another new friend that Jane is drawn to during her visits to the hospital because it is when Jon-Paul is playing the piano that he is able to find peace.  As the get to know each other, Jane is beginning to see that everyone has their own obstacles to overcome because she discovers that Jon-Paul is fighting an illness as well that affects his every day life.  All of these people are in Sean and Jane's lives for a reason.  All of these people need each other for one reason or another.  All of these people are just looking for rest.

Ann Tatlock does a great job with the story line as well as her characters.  I loved the book from the very beginning and wanted to see everyone have their "happily ever after" ending.  Her research of the characters' illness and life altering cases was wonderful and you really felt like you should add them all to your prayer list!  A great read that will make you thankful for your life, health and family.  It will really make you stop and think as well as tell your Father, "Thank you!"

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