Friday, June 22, 2012

. . . . And Then Some More of MSYC Week 3

After the first year LB spent the night at camp, she has asked for money for her birthday to pay for a second week of camp.  She just can't get enough!  To add to the fun of week 3, Anniston joined the LB and Madlyn from Florida.  These girls crack me up! They only see each other two times a year, but it is like they have never left each other.  They just pick right back up where they left off and boy were they glad to be at camp!!!! We are adding Bailey (their counselor) to our prayer list this week because I think she will need it!
HELLO!!!!!!! Cabin 1
LB, Anniston, Bailey and Madlyn

Got to LOVE them - they are standing in the order they are on the shirts

They are going to have so much fun while these two . . .

Can't wait until it is their turn to spend the night next year!!!!!

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