Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

For Father's Day this year, the kids wanted to make Damon a Dr. Pepper cake with many of his favorite snacks on the cake.  I am VERY frugal and usually only buy him the off brand (Dr. Thunder) which he says tastes the same, but I am sure he is just being nice.  So, we went and bought 3 12 packs of Dr. Peppers, ribbon, and all the favorite snacks of Damon.

To begin, we put 18 cans on the bottom. This is not as easy as it looks.  It was VERY difficult, but we did it.
I am sure LB will love me for this picture later in life . . . 
 For the second level, we put 10 cans. For the third level, we put 7 and one on the very very top.  THEN, we put the ribbon around each row of cans, holding it on with glue dots.  

Finally, they put all the favorite snacks around the cake and were OH SO proud of their creation!

Again, another picture LB will LOVE me for as she gets older!
Damon LOVED it . . . and has enjoyed eating the snacks already! Happy Father's Day, Damon! Thanks for loving us all and being a wonderful dad! We love you!

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