Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Christmas Tree Farm

This morning we received a phone call from my aunt and uncle (RoRo and Bub) asking if the kids and I wanted to go to the Christmas tree farm with them. This is something they have been doing for almost 15 years with their boys. However, neither of their boys were able to be there this year so they asked us to go with them. We jumped at the opportunity and what fun we had! We got to the farm and went inside the cabin to wait for our ride. Laura Beth declared that the cabin was just like Laura Ingalls Wilder's.
The top of picture is of Laura Beth and Mr. Ward, the nice owner of the farm. I thought he resembled another man we see around Christmas, but . . . . . . We loaded the mule pulled wagon to go to the trees.
Off we went to find the perfect tree. Not too short . . . not too tall . . . no holes . . . straight trunk. We found a couple of them and the choice was made to get this one.
When they cut it, we counted the rings to see how old it was. We decided it was four years old. We took it back to the cabin area where they shook all the old needles out of it and bagged it for us.
Here we are telling Jim and Kate (the mules) thanks for the ride and the great time. While we waited for our tree to be bagged and all, we enjoyed hot chocolate, hot apple cider and candy canes inside the cabin. What a wonderful morning we had! We may just have to start our own tradition!


Sasha said...

Jared and I love the Christmas tree farm!! We go to one near Selmer. It looks like ya'll had a great time! I really like the tree!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Oh my goodness this looks like a GREAT time!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new background! Soooo pretty!

Sandy said...

Looks like you guys had fun. The tree looks great!

Melissa Lester said...

That looks like a wonderful outing! I've never been to a Christmas tree farm, but Mary Ashley's class is going next week. My camera and I may have to join them!

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