Friday, November 14, 2008

Seems Like Old Times Banquet 2008

Some of our kids
All the sides of our boys

Our Beautiful Girls
Tonight was the Homecoming Banquet were the court was presented. We had four of our kids who were elected to be on the court and so we attended. We had a blast sitting with some of the family of those on the court and sharing in this special time with them.
My blessings for today:
1. The weather being cooler than it was suppose to be
2. Special morning snuggle time with Miss Priss
3. Special morning snuggle time with Little Man
4. Getting to go to Rev It Up with Little Man and Miss C
5. DH did not get hurt in Rev It Up
6. Eating the traditional Homecoming lunch with good friends
7. Seeing former students already back
8. Erin coming over for a catch up time (Erin is a former student who we were very close to. She is now back home in Michigan and we miss her.)
9. Thankful that I am almost done making chili for the reunion
10. Special time with DH tonight
11. Grandparents who will keep the kids
12. Families who raised such wonderful young men and women that we get to know and love
13. Being asked to share in special moments with our college kids
14. Seeing Miss Priss and Little Man having their own slumber party tonight.


Nik said...

That does seem like something that will remain in those memory banks forever.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Melissa Lester said...

Your family is so special to be so close to all these kids. And it's great that you are a part of all these special moments during their college years.

Your posts remind me how much I loved returning to Lipscomb in the fall for Homecoming. Once they moved it, I didn't feel the same pull to go back. Fall in Tennessee is just so beautiful!

You did such a good job with your Wizard of Oz lesson series. I thought of you last night at a friend's house when we discoverd that The Wizard of Oz was playing moments after she showed me an Oz print signed by an original Munchkin.

Julie said...

how fun!!! You both look like you should be in college too!!!

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